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HYF 2015 Photographs

Buy Henley Youth Festival 2015 Photos Online

HYF volunteer photographers (Kathleen Barnett, Holly Ellis, Holly Smith, Cheryl George, Mary Smith and Sandy Pond-Jones) will be attending as many of the events as possible - primarily to take photos for the website / facebook and the press. They are happy to make some of these shots available for parents to buy.

Photographs will be put on the facebook page daily, so please 'like' it to get regular updates.

School Workshops

Where a photographer has been to a school workshop, a link will be sent to the school to circulate to the relevant parents.

Kenton events, Junior Proms, Gig Night Parents of young people performing at the above events will be sent the link and password to the photographer's website for the particular event their child has performed at in order that they can view photos. There is also an opportunity to buy photos direct from the website if you would like to.

Below is the list of photographers attending the events.

Cheryl George HYF Proms, Wednesday 16th March HYF Entertain, Thursday 17th March

Sandy Pond-Jones Gig Night, Saturday 12th March

Mary Smith Junior Proms, Sunday 13th March HYF Sing, Friday 18th March HYF Young Dancer, 19th March HYF Dance, 19th March

If you do not receive an e-mail with the photographers details and website link, please e-mail the relevant photographer and they will send you the information.

You can buy photos directly from their websites.

Please support the photographers - they are giving up their time and expertise to take professional photos.

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