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Get Involved - Henley Youth Festival needs you!

Henley Youth Festival – Let’s ensure its future for the next generation!


Henley Youth Festival #HYF does a fantastic job in running a week’s full-on and varied event for approximately 2500 children in Henley.

The event is well run by a small team of enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers. However, the size and scale of HYF urgently needs new energy in the form of fresh volunteers to keep it youthful and relevant.


  • Are you a parent with children in primary school?

  • Are you looking for an opportunity to get your teeth into a role that fits around your family?

  • Do you want to contribute to something unique and central to the Henley annual calendar?

If you would like to join HYF’s group of volunteers, and to ensure HYF is there for the next generation of young people in our area, please email with “volunteering” in the subject heading.

As volunteers you get a lot out of working for the Festival:

  • Maintaining skills and keeping something constructive on the CV if you are taking a career break; great for accountants, teachers, lawyers, musicians, artists and other professionals.

  • Huge appreciation for your skills; whether that is being great at handling administration, shaping inspiring competitions, lending expertise to music events or building relationships with schools, Trusts and Sponsors.

  • Great fun! And great satisfaction at being a part of probably the biggest Youth Festival in the country run entirely by volunteers and one that offers every child in Henley space to discover their talents.


PLUS General Volunteers

We really need a pool of people we can call on for just a few hours during the festival weeks to help look after the children who take part in a whole range of events, put up displays, help with competition entries etc. Whether sport, theatre, or behind the scenes is your thing we need you and would really appreciate your help.

If you have some time, we can find you a job.

Let us know you have some time by emailing


Volunteering opportunities for young people aged 13 plus

If you're the kind of person who prefers to be back-stage rather than on the stage, there are still ways you can get involved in HYF. We are looking for young people who are willing to commit their time to helping out at our Kenton shows as assistant stage managers, runners and helping our professional sound and lighting crews.

Please email for more info




HYF looks forward to welcoming you to the team!

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