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School Workshops and Performances 2023

We provide workshops which take place in local schools and these form a major part of the HYF Programme.  We offer over 2,000 places to young people from Reception age upwards.  A diverse range of workshops gives children a flavour of different activities that they might not have attempted or experienced before. The programme is designed to stimulate children's imagination, build confidence and to inspire them to try out new experiences.


Please see below for an overview of the workshops that are on offer this year. Workshops are selected and booked by schools who will provide details to parents.

Click here to find information for schools

Click here for the application form for performances and workshops

School Workshops

We are offering the free sessions and workshops with the following providers - schools apply for these on behalf of pupils.

These workshops have been generously supported by our sponsors, particularly Invesco, Thamesfield Youth Association, the Shanly Foundation and The Arts Society of Henley

Greener Henley

We are delighted to welcome ‘Greener Henley’ as a partner this year in delivering a programme of in-school activities aimed at raising awareness of ‘green issues’ and helping young people learn how they can make a positive difference to their environment.

Create 'n' Make with Michaela Clarke

Michaela will be working with years 1-4  pupils to make artwork on a “Green” theme.

Nick Garnett: Dr Brian Squabbles

Nick will create an up-cycled sculpture with children in years 5 and 6.


Mixed Media with Emily Cooling

Emily is running a workshop making artwork for display based on an ‘eco’ theme for years 3 - 6.

Digital Portraits with Kathryn Fell

Kathryn will be helping children in years 5 and 6 to create digital portraits.

NEW FOR 2023 - the following are new workshops this year!

Sound Recycling with A Noisy Silence

This workshop will use recycled household objects and portable recorders, to help pupils in years 4 - 6 playfully explore and capture everyday sounds.

Flamenco Lessons

Tailored to any age group from Year 2 upwards, children will have lots of fun watching a flamenco performance, before learning about how flamenco developed and how a flamenco group is formed and finally trying out some flamenco footwork and movements.

AFC Henley football skills

A one-hour football skills workshop for years 2 - 4 with an opportunity to hear about the highly regarded AFC Henley Mini-Soccer sessions which run every Saturday morning on the Jubilee Field.

School Performances

Our School performances have been able to be offered at a discounted rate by funding from the Henley Educational Trust, Invesco, Henley Town Council and our partner the Kenton Theatre.

Young Shakespeare 


On the ramparts of Elsinore Castle, the ghost of old King Hamlet appears through the mist to reveal a startling and extraordinary secret to his son Prince Hamlet. Should he believe what the ghost tells him? And if so what should the young Prince do with this shocking information?

Four Young Shakespeare Company actors perform Shakespeare’s gripping drama in a fast-moving interactive production. Throughout the performance the children become involved in the play through a carefully structured range of drama and language activities, encouraging them to explore the motives, thoughts and feelings of the characters. Volunteers from among the children are also chosen to become individual characters in the story and all the children have the opportunity to speak and enjoy Shakespeare’s words in short, accessible sections

Years 5 and 6.



NEW FOR 2023 - the following are new performances this year!

BBC Gastronaut Stefan Gates

The Rude Science Show

BBC Gastronaut Stefan Gates takes you on a funny, cheeky, thoroughly disgusting but utterly scientific multimedia journey through the human body from head to bottom, with lots of spectacular science stunts and audience interaction. There’ll be edible bogies, cooking in vomit, farts, faeces and urine as well as live insects and some VERY weird food. Stefan is renowned for his world-class science and food shows.

Years 4 and 9.

Two Performances on Thursday 9th March 2023 at the Kenton Theatre (PM sold out)

Scarlet Oak Theatre 

“The Zoo That Comes To You”

The Zoo That Comes To You follows the efforts of two wildlife enthusiasts who provide respite, care or a
temporary home to those in need. They now have a sanctuary full of animals, however, no-one has come to visit their zoo. So everybody - animals and humans alike - have decided it is time to get out, see the world, and bring the zoo, to you!

Come and meet this eclectic group of charming yet cheeky animals, as they discuss their life experiences
and the challenges they face. These chatty animals have a lot of stories to tell and want to inspire people of all ages to take action, because they know small actions can make a big difference in the world.

Years Reception/1/2/3

8 x 1 hour performances in schools 6th - 9th March 2023

The completed Application Form should be sent to Daniel by email to by the deadline of 31 January 2023

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