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The Henley Youth Festival is a totally individual event and as far as we know there is nothing quite like it anywhere else in the country!


It is a means of celebrating the talents and achievements of young people in our area and to give them experiences across a wide range of activities that they may not otherwise encounter. We support and promote the performing and visual arts, have some great team and individual sports events and also nurture other skills through workshops and competitions.


The first Henley Youth Festival took place in 1994 and now well over 1,500 young people, ranging from 4 to 18 year olds, take part each year in about 35 different events and activities. The Festival itself takes place over a couple of weeks every March and many participants are busy preparing well in advance! Next year, 2024, is our 30th Anniversary so we're looking forward to celebrating!

LOGO Design Competition

Create a logo for the HYF2024 “MY FAVOURITE THINGS” theme.

The winning HYF Friendship theme logo will be used throughout the 2024 Henley Youth Festival next March for all to see - Online, In Print, Around Henley. 

The Mayor of Henley and Ben Hargreaves from In8 Creative Design will be judging the competition ahead of a prizegiving presentation at HYF 2024. 


Entry Forms available here


Prizes will be awarded at an “invite only” presentation at Henley Youth Festival 2024.



Entries will be judged on imagination, creativity and interpretation of the "My Favourite Things" theme and will be adjudicated by The Mayor, the HYF Chair and a professional graphic designer.

First Prize

The overall winner of the competition will receive the opportunity to work with a professional graphic designer to see their idea come to life; take home a framed print of the final artwork; and receive a trophy at the prizegiving presentation at the 2024 Henley Youth Festival.


Other terms and conditions of the Logo Competition

You can find our general competition entry terms here.

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