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Amazing Animation (Sonning Common) Photos by Claire Forno

Art comp

Art Competition Photos by Charlene

Create & Make Photos by Helen Maynard

Hedfas Photos by Claire Forno

create n make
Launch party17

HYF Launch Party

Mix Media (Valley Road) Photos by Claire Forno

Mix Media (St Marys) Photos by Helen Maynard

Screen Printing (Peppard Common) Photos by Cheryl George

Screen Printing (St Marys) Photos by Claire Forno

Mix Media St MArys
Mix Media Valley
Screen printing
screen printing st marys

Young Shakespeare (Nettlebed) Photos by Asya Barskaya

Anchor 1

HYF Run Photos by Cheryl George

Gig Night Photos by Asya Barskaya

Junior Proms Photos by Asya Barskaya & Homeyra Tahbaz

Gig Night
Junior Proms

Blunderbus Photos by Helen Maynard

Drumming Photos by Helen Maynard


Singing with Lucy Photos by Cheryl George

Freedom of Movement by Cheryl George

Freedom of Movement
Singing with Lucy

Art Exhibition & Prize Giving by Charlene Brown and Asya Barskaya

Art Exhibition

Art in the Square by ECL

Chiltern Edge Musical Theatre by Homeyra Tahbaz

Dance with Victoria by Cheryl George

Dance Workshop by Cheryl George

HYF Dance by Cheryl George

HYF Entertain by Homeyra Tahbaz

Art in Square
Chiltern Edge
Dance Victoria
Dance Workshop
HYF Dance
HYF Entertain

Senior Proms by Asya Barskaya

HYF Sing by Maria Glenn

HYF Squash by Asya Barskaya

HYF Squash
HYF Sing
Senior Proms

Young Dancer by Asya Barskaya

Young Dancer
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