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Digital Programme

Welcome to HYF's Performing Arts Events

Read the full programme below and download the Set List for today's show to find out about the intended order of performance along with information on our guest musicians, accompanists or special advisors.



Mar 06 | 1pm

Rupert House School



Mar 10 | 7pm

Kenton Theatre



Mar 11 | 7pm

Kenton Theatre


Mar 12 | 7pm

Kenton Theatre

HYF kindly requests no Filming or Photgraphy during the show. 
Set List timings correct at time of publication - approx. 1 hour before each show



HYF Music Makers provides an opportunity for primary-school-aged children to perform in a friendly and supportive setting. 


At the end of each concert all the players will get together for a group performance to celebrate the joy of making music.


The chosen piece is easy to learn with a simple part for beginners as well as some song words - the children have been practising individually ahead of today’s concerts.


Enjoy Listening!


Gig Night, Unplugged & Variety

For some performers this will be their first time on the Kenton stage, others are ‘old hands’. Some have choreographed or written their own performance, others have been working with their teachers.


Sound, lighting and stage management professionals, along with expert advisers in music, singing, dance and presentation and many parent volunteers have been working together to help every young person enjoy giving their performance this week.  


Enjoy the Show!

HYF variety-0912.jpg


There’s stacks going on, it’s not just performing arts.

This week, we’ve delivered 1,000 workshops places to eleven primary schools in the Henley area; we’ve received hundreds of entries for our Art, Film, Writing, Young Reporter and School Mural competitions; and we’re expecting a strong turnout for the HYF RUN on Saturday 12 March.


There’s still time to catch our Art & Film Exhibition at the River & Rowing Museum on the 12 & 13 March

or enter the HYF Run – registration closes on 11 March.


But all this would not be possible without our 2022 sponsors & partners.

Let's Give Them A Big Thank You!

HYF Run Cheryl George 001.jpg

Get Involved

Four-ways to ensure this unique festival is here for future generations


 Join HYF’s exceptional group of volunteers, we meet monthly from Sep - Apr and spend around an hour per week on HYF work.


We need people to help run our workshop programme, put on our live events, do some publicity, or assist 'behind the scenes' to deliver the festival.


Become an HYF Friend - receive the HYF Newsletter and an invite to a Drinks Reception for a minimum donation of £25. Individuals giving £50 or more receive a free ticket to an HYF show at the Kenton Theatre.


All donations go directly into funding the festival's free of charge events and activities.



Every donation counts.


HYF does a fantastic job of running a full-on and varied event for approximately 2,500 children in Henley.


All this is made possible thanks to generosity of the many local companies and organisations that have kept the HYF show on the road for the last 28 years.


We’d really love to hear from future partners or people with new ideas for ‘packaged’ events & activities that you run yourself under the guidance of Henley Youth Festival, like the HYF RUN for example.

You may have a local venue or manpower to lend. Or run a local sports or educational club that could offer a free workshop to Henley's 4-18 year olds.


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